Senior Software Engineer ‖ [Undisclosed]


Adjunct Professor ‖ Murray State University

Leveraging my professional and academic experience to provide rigorous, but practical, Computer Science courses. Courses include

  • Internet and Web Page Design (CSC-125)
  • Programming in C++ (CSC-235)
  • Discrete Structures (CSC-300)
  • Scripting Languages (CSC-360)
  • Programming Languages (CSC-415)
  • Mobile and Web Programming (CSC-425)
  • Software Construction (CSC-430)
Founder ‖ typedbits

Developing data integration products on a solid typed, functional foundation. Key projects include a data transformation DSL, a scalable runtime engine, and a (somewhat) automated schema matcher.

Lead Software Engineer ‖ OpenText

Liaison Technologies was acquired by OpenText, so I was working on my previous projects and assisting with the integration of Contivo products into the OpenText ecosystem.

Senior Software Engineer ‖ Liaison Technologies

Improved the architecture and performance of a transformation runtime which allows for hot swapping transformations via custom class loaders. By leveraging immutable classes and modern functional programming practices it was possible to greatly simplify the design of the class loading code, improve performance by eliminating unnecessary synchronization and allow for a greater degree of certainty that the class loaders function as expected.

Used Racket to design and prototype domain specific languages for enterprise integration related tasks.

Software Engineer (Contractor) ‖ United Systems & Software

Developed a real time database synchronization framework which allows clients and servers to synchronize data based on provided constraints as well as communicating arbitrary updates and commands without requiring modifications of the application layer.

Software Architect ‖ Liaison Technologies

Led an effort to update a legacy code base to incorporate more modern technologies and paradigms. Also improved development processes to increase productivity and product quality.

Software Engineer ‖ Liaison Technologies

Developed enterprise applications which allow users to define, execute and understand data transformations needed for various enterprise integration tasks. Primarily worked with a tool for developing canonical data models and a web based repository for storing and understanding integration artifacts.

Research/Teaching Assistant ‖ Georgia Insitute of Technology

Conducted research in the area of compiler analyses and optimizations related to discovering program parallelism in compiled legacy code. Also assisted with courses on compiler basics and theoretical Computer Science.

Software Engineer (Internship) ‖ LogicBlox

Explored the boundaries of the Datalog language by developing program analyses for extracting program parallelism from compiled code.

Teaching Assistant ‖ Leibniz Universität Hannover

Assisted with a course teaching the fundamentals of Computer Science and the C++ programming language. Held office/lab hours and graded assignments.


Georgia Institute of Technology ‖ PhD, Computer Science (Incomplete)
  • 3.88 GPA
  • Coursework and research focused on Computer Architectures and Compiler Optimizations
Leibniz Universität Hannover ‖ MSc, Informatik
  • Sehr Gut (Very Good), 1.4 GPA (inverse 5.0 scale)
  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Fellow
  • Coursework focused on Artificial Intelligence and Programming Languages
  • Master’s thesis: Improving Music Genre Classification Using Collaborative Tagging Data
Murray State University ‖ BSc, Computer Science & German
  • 4.0 GPA
  • Awarded Outstanding Computer Science Student
  • Awarded Oustanding Senior (German)
Universität Regensburg ‖ Exchange Program
  • 4.0 GPA
  • Semester abroad
  • Intensive German language program


Native Speaker
Portuguese (BR)